The sandwich has entered the culinary doldrums. Bread has become uniform and sauces have lost their character. Businesses have opened up and down the street changing only logos and boring us with their hyped up meats and super toasting machines. The hoagie assembly line has bombarded us with choice, minimized the social element and lured us with expediency. 

Enter Regular Ass Sandwich, a model which jumps from the conveyer belt and spawns genuine character. A low cost meal with purpose. A sandwich that propels good times and rescues, not only hunger, but lifestyle fulfillment.

At Regular Ass Sandwich we bring to you the best value we can. We operate out of a commercial kitchen that cranks out lots of great food.We don't have a dining room and you can't come visit us. But you can order online. It's one way we try to help keep your wallet full.

We stay super busy. Feel free to reach out to us. We might not get back to you. It's not because we don't love you, it's because we stay super busy.

Stay Rad–Regular Ass Sandwich
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