The founders of RAS, John and Dave, were born in the late 70’s. They have a lot of great memories around coming of age from the mid 80’s-90’s. Fast forward a few decades and they own multiple restaurant concepts. So, it seemed logical to conjure up those childhood vibes and create something that put food and nostalgia on the table.

They got the perfect opportunity in 2020. The world was being upended and restaurants were in more trouble than usual. They decided to launch RAS out of a building they already had in order to make ends meet. It worked. Now RAS is dedicated to helping other restaurateurs and venues to Feed Their Bottom Line. When you order RAS you are directly helping a restaurant be able to pay its workers, make needed repairs, and maybe take some time off.

Our sandwiches reflect the pure goodness we remember as kids. From the cafeteria to the picnic table, these are the kinds of meals many of us enjoyed. Our sandwiches aren’t crazy, they are designed to bring wholesome value to our customers and our Host restaurants. We decided to own it by calling ourselves Regular Ass Sandwich.

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